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The LYRA is a fully digital desktop mixer. Its concept originates from the latest technologies which are brought to an "easy to use" and "versatile" mixer. The LYRA is based on two sophisticated system parts: a huge matrix/router and powerful DSP power. This combination makes the LYRA flexible and powerful audio-tool. Added values to this clever digital machine are the options to control and administrate the device from any location. It's made that easy for you; simply use your internet browser for remote service/control. Also you have a grow path towards audio-networking. The LYRA has an option to add Cobranet networking to enlarge your audio matrix. This option makes you compatible with many other audio manufactures to receive, transmit, and share audio from different locations in your LAN. This functionality is built inside a very compact 2HE rack unit. The huge possibilities can be controlled from an easy to understand 4 fader desktop control surface. A second 4 fader surface can be connected to have 8 stereo modules. Or an 8 fader control surface is an option. 

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